Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Is Tom Typinski's "Shock And Awe" Training?

Beauty, Balance, Symmetry - Sara Tripp*
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Shock And Awe(c) is the name given to my physique training system that I've used successfully with clients of every age and body type, male and female. It is the safest, most effective way for anyone to train for size, strength, symmetry, stamina, striations, definition, leanness, balance, beauty, endurance, and proportion.
It gives that much-desired look of cut muscles in a relaxed state, without bulk. The muscle tie-ins are clearly defined and beautifully flow together from group to group. 
The worked muscle group is completely saturated with blood flow and the joints with synnovial fluid, to ensure adequate warm-up, full range of motion involvement and complete engagement of every fiber in every muscle, every time. 
It is a way of gaining superior shape and balance if you're a competitive bodybuilder, fitness or figure model, actor, model or dancer; and a super-productive tool for the everyday and competitive athlete alike, pushing stamina to extremes while virtually eliminating injury due to the enhanced blood flow and muscle stimulation attained. It is greatly challenging yet overly satisfying when you look in the mirror at the fine physique in front of you. 
I've used it with 14 year old team athletes, 40 year old women getting into or back to the gym, and 70 year old "first timers" who had never used weights in their lives, yet mastered the principles and techniques in this system. 
It is, hands down, the most time-effective workout for the busy professional who garners gains and bodyfat losses with every single minute of gym time. 
Have a look at one of my former clients I'm very proud of, Bryan Pazdzierz, 2006 Michigan Bodybuilding Overall Champion and a person I had the privilege of working with on his campaign for a Pro Bodybuilding card. I cannot take full credit for the years of work it took Bryan to obtain this fantastic physique, but I can say I worked the Shock And Awe (c) System with him for nearly two years. 
*Sara Tripp was not a client of mine. She is just a perfect example with fantastic genetics!

Tom Typinski's "Shock And Awe(c)" Training is The Book to get your body into its best, most phenomenal shape

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