Friday, October 31, 2008

Shock And Awe Training - The Preview

(A Beautiful Winner in both Fitness & Bodybuilding, April Barfoot*)

Hey Sports fans. The Shock And Awe Book has been out for a couple weeks now. HERE is a preview of an absolute killer workout that I dare any "mere mortal" to attempt. This is just one of the many workouts for every bodypart that is included in the book, along with training tips. If you like looking ripped, all year long, than this is your ticket!
*April is not a client, nor proponent of Shock And Awe Training - yet!

Friday, October 17, 2008


(The fantastic perfection of Michigan Masters Women Champion *Brenda Woody, (c) Dream Video)

Here it is, The "Shock And Awe(c)" Training book. This is the collection of all the workouts I'd created for clients, young and old, male and female, gym or home, over the last 11 years. 

If each of you would just tell two friends about this training book, I'll be able to help more people reach their fitness goals on a much more grand scale. I would like to reach out to those people in gyms all over the world without a clue as to what to do first, once they buy a membership. 
There are no footsteps painted on the gym floor to tell them to go from machine to machine, but "Shock And Awe" is the blueprint to lead them to the higher realms of training that only a limited number of people have yet experienced. 
It's simple, it's safe, it's super-effective and so results positive you'll wonder why you'd wasted so much time in gyms before this. If you want a shortcut to perfection, symmetry and balance, this is it!
It is a chapbook, a manual, a booklet, a pamphlet, but no matter what you call it, it's packed with workouts for every single bodypart, from ears to ankles. So take a look at the downloadable book available exclusively at

Thursday, October 16, 2008


(Figure Competitor Rachel Cole, another excellent example of balance and symmetry)(c)DV

I'd like to clarify what this Shock and Awe training is all about. Although I never officially named it while we were using it, except with a few, select people, the methods I used as a trainer are reflected in the contents of this book. The pictures and videos you see posted here are from my other job as a videographer and the contestants shown in the photos are not clients of my personal training, nor necessarily proponents of "Shock And Awe." When the two cross paths, as they did with "Paz," it is duly noted.

"Shock And Awe" is a great method for pushing every workout for every bodypart to the extreme in a safe, strict fashion. There is absolutely nothing like the combination of exercises and the methods I use to get the resulting pump and definition that these methods teach. Nothing else compares. 

The workouts totally tax the entire muscle and connecting groups when used in true superset fashion. In the book launch, you'll see the unique combinations of exercises, rep schemes and theory behind the positively mind-boggling workouts you perform in less than an hour. 
Here's another video clip for you from the 2006 Capital City Men's Overall Posedown. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shock And Awe Training - The Book!

(Friend and Professional Fitness Contestant, Ursula Buckanes-Henry, May God Bless)

Here comes Shock And Awe(c) Training, The Book. It will be released on Saturday, October 18, 2008. It will be delivered ebook style, so make sure you tell all your friends about it and where to find it. The details will be revealed in the next few days. In the meantime, think back to those grueling but greatly productive workouts that I'm certain you cannot forget. This is NOT "THE" book on sports training that I'd been working on for so long. It is finally done and being "shopped" by some prominent publishers. As soon as the word on that is finalized, I'll post it here. 

Right now I'm looking for testimonials from former, clients, of my training methods; from the high school kids I'd coached at Center Line High School, to the great and devoted clients of mine at Extreme Fitness, Powerhouse, High Schools,  and  home training participants. There are some great memories I cherish of creating and performing those workouts and I'd like to share them here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Is Tom Typinski's "Shock And Awe" Training?

Beauty, Balance, Symmetry - Sara Tripp*
(All photos and video clips are property of Dream Video & Tom Typinski. All rights reserved)

Shock And Awe(c) is the name given to my physique training system that I've used successfully with clients of every age and body type, male and female. It is the safest, most effective way for anyone to train for size, strength, symmetry, stamina, striations, definition, leanness, balance, beauty, endurance, and proportion.
It gives that much-desired look of cut muscles in a relaxed state, without bulk. The muscle tie-ins are clearly defined and beautifully flow together from group to group. 
The worked muscle group is completely saturated with blood flow and the joints with synnovial fluid, to ensure adequate warm-up, full range of motion involvement and complete engagement of every fiber in every muscle, every time. 
It is a way of gaining superior shape and balance if you're a competitive bodybuilder, fitness or figure model, actor, model or dancer; and a super-productive tool for the everyday and competitive athlete alike, pushing stamina to extremes while virtually eliminating injury due to the enhanced blood flow and muscle stimulation attained. It is greatly challenging yet overly satisfying when you look in the mirror at the fine physique in front of you. 
I've used it with 14 year old team athletes, 40 year old women getting into or back to the gym, and 70 year old "first timers" who had never used weights in their lives, yet mastered the principles and techniques in this system. 
It is, hands down, the most time-effective workout for the busy professional who garners gains and bodyfat losses with every single minute of gym time. 
Have a look at one of my former clients I'm very proud of, Bryan Pazdzierz, 2006 Michigan Bodybuilding Overall Champion and a person I had the privilege of working with on his campaign for a Pro Bodybuilding card. I cannot take full credit for the years of work it took Bryan to obtain this fantastic physique, but I can say I worked the Shock And Awe (c) System with him for nearly two years. 
*Sara Tripp was not a client of mine. She is just a perfect example with fantastic genetics!

Tom Typinski's "Shock And Awe(c)" Training is The Book to get your body into its best, most phenomenal shape