Thursday, October 16, 2008


(Figure Competitor Rachel Cole, another excellent example of balance and symmetry)(c)DV

I'd like to clarify what this Shock and Awe training is all about. Although I never officially named it while we were using it, except with a few, select people, the methods I used as a trainer are reflected in the contents of this book. The pictures and videos you see posted here are from my other job as a videographer and the contestants shown in the photos are not clients of my personal training, nor necessarily proponents of "Shock And Awe." When the two cross paths, as they did with "Paz," it is duly noted.

"Shock And Awe" is a great method for pushing every workout for every bodypart to the extreme in a safe, strict fashion. There is absolutely nothing like the combination of exercises and the methods I use to get the resulting pump and definition that these methods teach. Nothing else compares. 

The workouts totally tax the entire muscle and connecting groups when used in true superset fashion. In the book launch, you'll see the unique combinations of exercises, rep schemes and theory behind the positively mind-boggling workouts you perform in less than an hour. 
Here's another video clip for you from the 2006 Capital City Men's Overall Posedown. Enjoy.

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